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Two week reprieve for self-assessment filers waiting for online activation code

Taxpayers who registered with SA Online after January 21 and have not yet received activation codes have been given a two week reprieve on filing their tax returns.

The allowance only applies to those who registered and received a unique tax reference (UTR) online. Many may not have realised that they also needed to receive an activation code by post, and for these people the deadline has been extended to February 15.

Anyone who did not sign up and receive a UTR will not be able to benefit from the extension.

According to HMRC, this type of extension is ‘standard procedure’. However, the representative warned that even if you are eligible to file a late return, all tax must itself be have been paid by the January 31 deadline.

The spokesman said:  “The tax is still due by midnight [on January 31] - after 31 January you're late, but we don't want to charge penalties - the most important thing is we get the returns in. If someone has for example lost their code and/or pin and realise they have left it too late we will allow a bit of extra time to get you a new PIN etc.”

Some tax experts have expressed surprise at this allowance, suggesting that whilst this is the ‘unofficial policy’ at HMRC, it is not something that they publicise.

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