Yet another HMRC warning  

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) call it "compliance activity". Another clampdown is about to commence. Are you doing enough to ensure all of your affairs are up to date?

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Experts critical of offshore tax rules

A top UK institute is highly crtical of the coalition governments draft legislation, The Finance Bill. They say its too complex and regardless of a company's size, anyone can get caught in the HMRC web.

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New aids to boost start-ups

The coalition government has launched a set of initiatives to help UK company formations.Read on and find out if they will help you get your plan in motion.

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Ideas to suit

Entrepreneurs with fresh ideas are coming forward all the time. Here is a good news story that could be "tailor made" for anyone who is willing to take advantage and able to see the big picture.

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Manx delegates want UK business

As tax loopholes close, tax efficient structures become increasingly difficult to engineer. One small province still thinks it has right framework and it recently sent a small team to London to tell us.

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