Entrepreneurs bold claim 

A group of entrepreneurs have a bold plan. And issued a challenge to the government. If the coalition are really interested cutting government spending, they would be wise to listen.

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Was tax cut pointless?

A leading expert claims that the recent Corporation Tax reductions are pointless. While some may agree it is clear that The Treasury do not. What do you think?

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Top company advice to Non - Domiciled

A top finance and investment company has issued guidance on "Tax Intelligence". All (would be) Non-Dom's take heed. It could be the difference between making the right choice or a costly one.

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London show aims kick-start new companies

New start-up businesses often need that extra push. On 19-20 May there is an event taking place in London that may give you that impetus and provide the incentives that you may need to finally start your company. You don't have to just talk about it anymore!

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Tax rates to blame for UK exodus.

High net worth individuals are thinking about leaving the United Kingdom. Those individuals blame a number of factors but in reality, the main reason is obvious. What should you do?

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