Good News in Retail Sector is Hesitant Thanks to Forthcoming VAT Rise

I was encouraged to read some positive reports recently concerning the state of the retail sector in the UK. It seems to be going from strength to strength after healthy sales figures were gleaned from sales during the summer of 2010.

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RGA Disappointed at Lack of Support for Legalising all Forms of Gambling on the Internet

Casinos and other gambling sites are quite prevalent on the internet, but it does not mean that all types of gambling are allowed in this respect. I was intrigued to read a recent case concerning the availability of several forms of gambling in Holland. The case stated that after discussion, it had been decided to allow poker to be introduced into play there. But no other forms of online gambling would be allowed.

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A Fifth of Big Businesses are Considering Leaving the UK

Most of us have heard of businesses that have elected to leave the UK due to the burden of tax placed on them by staying here. Indeed this very picture has been painted by a survey of big businesses that was commissioned recently by HM Revenue and Customs.

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Online VAT Filing Will Soon Apply to All VAT Registered Businesses

As an accountancy firm we are required to stay up to date with all changes in various areas of taxation. This enables us to provide the best possible service to all our clients, and to save them as much tax as possible.

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Glasgow and Birmingham are in Line for the Corporation Tax Roadshow

It is always important to consult your accountant with any questions or queries you may have about any aspect of taxation. This is particularly the case with Corporation Tax if your company is set up to pay this form of tax when your accounts are completed each tax year.

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