Could Business Owners Appeal Against a Penalty Charge from HMRC?

As an accountant I often see a rush of people getting their tax returns to us before the final date for filing them. This leads to a last minute rush for us too, but it is important to realise that there are penalties in place if you do file your tax return after the required date. The same applies if you have not paid your tax by the due date for doing so.

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Statutory Services to be Reviewed in South Yorkshire as Wave of Cuts is Due to Begin

We are all very much aware that the government has a huge task on its hands to try and reduce the national debt that has been incurred by the previous government. Local councils up and down the country have been asked to make huge savings over the next few years. Sheffield Council in South Yorkshire has come up with a way to find out where those savings should be made.

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Lib Dem Leader Disagrees With VAT Rise

Whenever the rate of VAT goes up or down I notice rumblings of dissent coming from one group or another. It is impossible to please everyone and this has been borne out by the opinions and comments of the leader of the Liberal Democrats in South Tyneside recently.

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Accountant Jailed for Paying ‘Corporation Tax payments’ to Herself

Corporation Tax and the new lower rates that are coming soon have been in the news a lot recently. But every now and then I spot a financial story that has a different angle altogether.

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Two Major UK Bus Companies Receive Ban for Ignoring Proper Business Procedures

Every business has regulations it must adhere to. It always pays to abide by them because not doing so can result in heavy fines in some cases.

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