Accountants warn non-doms of increased remittance charges

UK residents who are not domiciled may be liable to pay higher charges if they cannot fully account for their movements over the last 14 years.

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Good news for small business with new employment allowance

The government is to introduce a new employment allowance in April, which will see a saving of £200 per employee.

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Most SMEs unaware of tax credit schemes

A recent survey has discovered that the majority of SMEs could be missing out on tax breaks, as they are unaware of a range of tax credit schemes which are designed to boost investment in growth.

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Tax fraud convictions rise by over 200

HMRC has confirmed that their investigations resulted in 690 convictions in 2013, an increase from 477 in 2012.

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New Year blues for Google

It’s not such a happy new year for Google as HMRC hits them with a backdated £24m tax bill, following an investigation into the business structure of the most popular search engine in the world.

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