Fifth Member of House of Lords Steps Down to Keep Non Dom Status

I have read lots of news stories concerning the non dom situation recently, with the bulk of them concentrating on the decision nom dom Lords have to make on whether to relinquish their status or their title in the House of Lords.

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More and More Women are Becoming Bankrupt in the UK

Bankruptcy is a sad fact of life for many people. Since the recession took hold there have been many people who have been unable to make their way through to the other side without becoming bankrupt in the process.

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Could Businesses Benefit From the New Office of Tax Simplification?

I have been keeping up with the financial news quite closely recently, ever since the new coalition government was formed. It promised many things in those early days, not least of which was the need to ensure the tax laws in the UK were made much simpler to understand. The term ‘spaghetti bowl’ was used several times in the press, likening the current system to a complex spaghetti bowl of intertwining laws.

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A Step by Step Process for Finding Out When and If to Deregister for VAT

Here at St Matthew we often advise businesses that have to think about registering for VAT for the first time. There can be significant advantages to doing this in some cases before the actual required level of turnover is reached where you have to register.

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Asylum Seekers Receive £13 Million they were no Longer Entitled

Many of us feel strongly in some way about asylum seekers in the UK. The UK Border Agency was created in order to keep Britain’s borders secure and monitored at all times. But it would now appear that it has lost £13 million over a two year period because systems to prevent incorrect payments did not work as they should have done.

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