Will the Poor be Affected by VAT Rise, Ask Lib Dem MPs

The VAT rise that was announced in the Budget has been a bone of contention among some MPs. While many of those in the coalition government have supported the move to raise the level of VAT to 20% (from the current level of 17.5%) not all of them have done so unquestionably.

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Offshore Oil Sector Sees Renewed Confidence An increased amount of confidence is currently being n

Whenever a recession hits it is natural to see a dip in confidence in many businesses. The oil and gas sector is not immune to this.

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Could Bingo and Online Gaming Soon Have New Rules to Adhere to?

There has always been some controversy over the rules governing online gaming and gambling. But now the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has met up with the Gambling Commission to discuss the possibility of introducing new rules surrounding the industry.

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Could Higher Taxes Put a Spanner in the Works for London Based Businesses?

London is viewed by many as a key place for doing business. Many major and less well known companies set up business there because of its links with other major cities worldwide.

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How are Small Business Owners Affected by Taxes in the New Emergency Budget?

There are many small businesses in the UK, and here at St Matthew we handle the accounts for a significant proportion of local businesses. Whenever a new Budget is announced we are always looking to see what changes are going to be made. But small business owners in particular are always eager to see whether they will be better or worse off as a result of the next Budget.

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