Could Struggling Banks Suffer with the Lower Corporation Tax Rate?

Much has been made in recent weeks of the new government’s aim to reduce the rate of Corporation Tax payable by businesses in future years. The idea is to reduce it from the current rate of 28% down to 24% over the next four years.

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Essential Services to be Protected, Says Oxfordshire County Council

I have been watching closely to see how local councils have been taking the news that major cutbacks will need to be performed in the near future. Everyone is aware that the national debt is one of the most important things to focus on at the moment. We need to work at reducing this debt if the country is to really get back on its feet after the recession.

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Government is Willing to Work in Conjunction with Businesses to Improve Recovery

A report was released at the beginning of July that seemed to indicate the government was willing to travel down new paths to help the recovery move ahead at a faster pace. I was interested to read that the government wants to meet up with business leaders to discuss possible changes to the tax system. While the government will always have the final say, I found it encouraging that they are reaching out in this way.

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Non Dom Tax Law is Due to be Reviewed by the New Coalition Government

There is no doubt that strong feelings abound when it comes to non doms. There are regularly headlines concerning the status of certain people and how much tax they are paying as a result.

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Whisky Company Takes Drastic Measures to Sort out Ailing Pension Fund

One area I have been paying particular attention to in the news over the past couple of years concerns the state of various private pension funds. As time has gone on it has become clear that the deficits being experienced by these companies have only got larger.

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