Could Income Tax be About to Rise under the New Tory Chancellor?

We all know that Income Tax is a big issue whenever an election rolls round, but this time it has taken on a new meaning altogether. I have been watching with interest to see how the new Chancellor, George Osborne, handles the issue of taxation given the huge deficit the new government has to get to grips with.

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Retailers Unhappy About Possible Rise in VAT

I have been reading with interest reports about the potential for a rise in the rate of VAT recently. It would seem that although many commentators believe there is a significant chance of this occurring, many retailers are against the move.

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St Matthew is Nominated for the Start Up Stars Award by HSBC

I was delighted to be informed recently that St Matthew has been selected by HSBC for one of their major annual competitions. There is a lot at stake here because the overall winner gets £50,000.

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Information Concerning VAT Registration Should be Supplied by all Franchisors

As we gradually make our way out of recession towards what will hopefully be a brighter future, I am watching with interest to see how people in general get by during this phase.

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Northern Rock Abandons Offshore Arm of its Business

Most of us are well aware of the problems that Northern Rock has had in recent months. To try and protect savers from being tainted by the problems experienced during the downturn, when mortgages were being defaulted on, the company was divided into two distinct sections.

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