How Many UK Companies are now on the Verge of Failure?

It is a fact of life that business insolvencies go up during and after a recession strikes. As times get harder, those businesses with less of a cushion to see them through tough times find it impossible to carry on.

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Ladbrokes Online Licence Does Not Extend to the Dutch

I have been interested to read about the court case between Ladbrokes and the Dutch gaming authorities of late and particularly interested to read about the outcome. For those who are not aware, Ladbrokes originally took bets from Dutch gamblers online, but was prevented from doing so by a court injunction when Dutch authorities intervened.

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Bankruptcy Petitions are Growing in Scunthorpe

It is always sad to see people and businesses failing in times of economic trouble – or at any other time, come to that. But I was particularly disappointed to see the figures for personal bankruptcies at the Scunthorpe County Court rise by a huge amount recently.

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No More Early Releases for Hospital Patients with the NHS

It has been disappointing to read the figures concerning the National Health Service while Labour was in power. One document I read about recently stated that the number of managers in the NHS had gone up by 84% during that time.

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Financial Services Authority Explores How Exposed UK Companies are in Europe

One of the most widely reported financial stories in recent days has been the question of whether the Euro is in fact beginning to slide into an irreparable depression. I have read with interest the comments from many experts on currency matters, and one thing seems to be agreed upon by virtually all of them.

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