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Non-dom news

We have reported recently on changes to the tax status of UK non-domiciled residents. Today we present a round-up of the latest on those claiming non-dom status in the UK.

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Low uptake for non-don SME tax break

Non-doms who would like to invest in UK SMEs have been offered a tax break by way of the Business Investment relief scheme – but so far only 17 applications have been made in the first year of operation.

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Accountants warn non-doms of increased remittance charges

UK residents who are not domiciled may be liable to pay higher charges if they cannot fully account for their movements over the last 14 years.

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HMRC change of stance on UK non-dom inheritance tax

Non-domiciled UK residents are at risk of an unexpected tax on their estate upon death, due to a change in thinking at HMRC over inheritance tax.

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UK creating fewer millionaires

As the number of foreign millionaires coming to the UK and setting up home (particularly in London) increases, it seems that Britains are finding it hard to climb the wealth ladder.

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