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The Investment Visa

On Friday 24 June 2011, the St Matthew News room reported on government incentives to Non-Doms and the high net worth foreign individuals. There is in fact, a liitle more to tell you.

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Swiss - UK deal still in the balance. 

Despite the high profile publicity, the Swiss - UK offshore asset deal remains unsigned. In a week when we find out that the Swiss are in the USA and speaking to the Americans regarding a similar agreement, one expert thinks the Swiss - UK deal may take a little while finalise.

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Time fading fast for offshore account holders

Tax experts are urging UK offshore account holders to take a closer look at Liechtenstein's offshore tax arrangements as HMRC announces it now plans to look at all UK foreign account holders.

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Tax breaks for wealthy non-doms

The coaltion government is trying to encourage its uber rich non-doms to invest their money in British businesses. The plans were unveiled last Friday.

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Switzerland must honor tax loophole promises.

As the agreement between the UK and the Swiss draws near, the nation famous for its banking and wealth management regimes is facing pressure from the wider international community.

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