UK Personal Tax Return

Most people in the UK do not need to submit a personal tax return. If tax is being paid by your employer under PAYE then you are spared this requirement as long as there is no additional income. However, if you receive income from more than one source, it is a legal requirement to annually complete a tax return.

Fee: £500


Legal requirements

Individuals who receive requests from HMRC to submit a personal tax return must strictly adhere to this request and submit it by the 30th of September immediately following the end of the tax year which is April 5th if you are paper filing OR by 31st January if you are filling online. Those with income from self-employment sources must automatically submit a personal tax return independently ensuring that they declare all of their income from all of their sources.

Any tax payments owing must be paid by the 31st of January. Additionally, HMRC will require a payment on account for tax due for the following year. This will be 50% of the total tax due in the previous year.

What we will need from you

  • Income information
  • Tax returns from the previous year
  • Signed 64-8 form, allowing us to represent you on your behalf when liaising with the HMRC (if necessary)

Processing time

Please allow for a processing time of up to 30 days. You will be informed of a more exact time frame following communication with your personal accountant.

Please be aware that we begin working for you only after we have received your payments and documentation.


The fee for the creation of a personal tax return is £500. This is payable in advance.

Our fees are competitive for most non-complex tax returns but some cases may have additional complexities. Before processing begins, we will check your documentation in detail and if there are any additional complexities, we may have to revise our plans and make you a personal offer. If you do not agree with our offer, we will refund back any pre-paid fees to you.