Our Services

Version: 03/04/2011

This page lists all service we provide and defines the scope of these services. We do not provide any other services than the services listed on this page. This page is part of our General Terms & Conditions.

Unless specifically stated these services are available only for UK domiciled companies.

UK Company Formation

If required, we provide a new company for your use and arrange a name change, for an appropriate fee. We will complete all necessary statutory forms to assign the interest in the company’s share to you and submit these to Companies House as well as ensuring the company is registered with all relevant government departments such as the Corporation Tax registration with the Inland Revenue.

You will also receive all documents your company will need to comply with legal requirements (Memorandum and Articles of Association, Companies House Forms, Certificate of Non Trading). The incorporation will be completed by the Registrar of Companies, usually within 3 hours during normal working hours. However, we have no control over this process, which may take longer. UK Company Formation Services do not include any services such as legal advice, tax advice, accountancy advice, etc. with regard to the UK Company Formation. If requested, we can provide you with these services separately for an appropriate fee. 

VAT Registration Service

We register your company for VAT with the tax authorities. Note that this may take 6 months or longer and we cannot speed up this process. We cannot guarantee that your company will be registered for VAT by the tax authorities.

Readymade Companies

We provide readymade companies, both with VAT registration and without. Note that readymade companies with VAT number have been previously trading companies. We perform the necessary due dilligence for all readymade companies to ensure they have no outstanding liabilities or unsatisfied CCJs.

Document Certification

We organise the certification and notarisation of documents such as incorporation documents. Often this is a multi-step process where the document is certified by Companies House first and then the document is apostilled by the foreign office. You may then require translation into another language (any language possible) and then this translation may need to be certified again by an embassy. Once these steps have been completed the documents will be delivered to you by courier

Offshore Company Formation & Offshore Banking

We open offshore companies in many destinations and where possible we can open bank accounts for that company. Note that it is getting increasingly difficult to own and operate an offshore company due to the increased scrutiny by the authorities. We strongly advise to check the viability of your venture first before opening an offshore based company as you may be able to open the company but are unable to operate it because of the reasons stated above.

Offshore banks are more and more careful with regards to account openings so the process can take time and is laborious.

All offshore company packages include offshore nominee director and shareholder services as well as a local registered office. For all offshore companies we deliver the incorporation papers to you by courier.

Once the company is opened the bank account opening starts. The offshore banks we use are mainly in Europe (Channel Islands, Cyprus). We provide help filling in the forms and will deal with all bank communication.

Corporate Bank Account Opening Service

We provide our clients with professional help if there is a need to open a bank account. As we are highly experienced in that kind of business and in regular contact with some major banks we are able to provide high quality support. Our services include as follows:

  • Referring clients to the ban
  • Help with completion of required forms
  • Attending an initial bank meeting with you if required.
  • Providing a remote service when required
  • Delivering the bank stationary to you by courier.

Statutory Work

We offer all components of statutory services, which includes:

  • Completion of the Company’s Annual Return.
  • Completion of any required forms in respect of changes in company details.
  • Completion of the annual statutory financial statements for Companies House.
  • Acting as Company Secretary

Company Taxation

As part of our bookkeeping and accounting tariffs we will

  • prepare your Corporation Tax computations based on the annual financial statements
  • submit your financial statements and tax computations to HMRC
  • complete your Corporation Tax return CT600 and submit it to HMRC
  • check your Corporation Tax Assessments raised by the Inland Revenue and advise you of the amount of tax your company should pay
  • if appropriate, arrange for claims for losses to be set off against profits of earlier years or carried losses carried forward to future years.

Personal Taxation

We cover all aspects of you UK personal taxation needs such as doing your Self Assessment Tax return. This service includes services for individuals who are not domiciled in the UK for income tax purposes. 

VAT Representation Service

In case you have the legal standing of a non-established taxable person, i.e. you do not have a principal place of business in the UK, you can appoint us as your Tax Representative for HMRC.

Managed VAT Scheme

VAT registrations can take some time and clients who do international business throughout the EU may need a VAT number in order for invoicing their clients. We offer selected clients the possibility to invoice on their behalf using St Matthew's VAT Number. In this scenario your client pays us and we forward any funds on to you within three business days for a comission (usually 3%).


As an online accountancy service company we offer you to carry out all bookkeeping tasks for the company including the completion of VAT tax returns. This will be done using the paperweotk and transaction information supplied by you. You will retain your original documentation but will make it available to St Matthew eAccounting on request.

Financial Accounts

If required, we prepare a set of statutory financial statements from the books and records of the company for each accounting period as part of the bookkeeping tariff

UK Payroll Work

We offer you a monthly payroll service for those directors/employees of your UK company included within the fixed fee arrangements. This service covers:

  • Registration as an employer with HMRC
  • Arranging National Insurance interviews for staff working in the UK for the first tim
  • Monthly Payslip
  • Calculation of PAYE & NIC payments due
  • Completion of (where appropriate) the form P46, a PAYE notice of new employees
  • Preparation of the form P45 for employees leaving the company
  • Completion of the Annual Return form P35, together with the related forms P14
  • Amendment of tax deduction calculations as per received notices of coding
  • Calculation of annual Class 1A NIC liability on benefits in kind
  • Prepare annual forms P11D and P11D(b) in respect of Directors Benefits and Expenses

Nominee Shareholder (Trust) Service

When we provide nominee shareholder services we hold the shares of your company in trust. Our name is then listed with Companies House and the real owner (you) stays anonymous. This is certified by a declaration of trust we will issue to you. You will also be given a signed share transfer form in case you want to cease using the service.

Nominee Company Secretary Service

For the UK Nominee Secretary service we are listed with Companies House as your company secretary. This is useful if you wish to have a separate company secretary but is not required by law anymore.

UK Director Service - Nominee

The nominee director is a non executive director who lives in the UK. They will simply lend their name to you but are not involved in running your business in anyway nor do they have access to your bank account. This is mainly useful for privacy reasons. A Nominee Director agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties.

UK Director Service - Executive

The executive director is involved in the actual decision making of your company. The details of the involvement are agreed in a separate contract. You may require an executive director if you need to show that decisions are made locally in the UK and to avoid controlled foreign company regulations. The director we will provide is a member of our staff and based in our offices. The are qualified for being a director and fulfill the duties needed.

Virtual Office Services

If required, we provide you with a custom-tailored virtual office service which enables you to run an office without the usual overhead costs, such as office rent, salaries etc.. These services include:

  • Use of our own offices as your business addres
  • Supply with a local telephone number, either answered by a customer service centre or call forwardin
  • Supply with a fax number enabling receipt and forwardin
  • Full Mail Service, covers mail acceptance and forwardin
  • Office and meeting room facilitie
  • Voicemail servic
  • Hot Desk and Meeting Rooms

If required, we are able to offer our clients the following accommodation services during normal working hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday (except public and bank holidays):

  • Use of work stations, which include desk, chair and internet connection
  • Use of meeting rooms with equipment

Unlimted Support for Your Company  

We provide our clients with unlimited support and advice related to their company matters that is within the public domain. This support is free, unless otherwise agreed. Any verbal advice should not be considered as tax, legal or investment advice.

Consultancy and Advice

We provide consultancy and advice, including tax advice, after agreeing the scope and fees with you in advance and in writing. Where this has not been agreed in advance any advice given is deemed to fall under the category specified above ("Unlimited Support for Your Company").

Provision of UK Residential Mailing Address

We provide clients with a residential UK mailing address that includes mail forwarding services. Note that we will not provide or sign a rental agreement or tenancy agreement under the terms of this service. This is simply a mail drop and must not be given to third parties to pretend residence at this address.

Provision of Temporary Accomodation in London

We provide dorm-style temporary accomodation in our own properties in London for a period of up to three months. Under this arrangements tenants will receive a lodger agreement (this is a type of rental agreement).

UK Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy related services are no longer provided by our UK firm. As of February 1st, 2009 this business has been shifted to our US firm. The UK firm still provides general guidance for individuals who want to inform themselves about UK bankruptcy proceedings.

E-Volve Phone Consultation

E-Volve is a phone consultation where you discuss your venture with one of our expert advisers. The phone call will last up to one hour. The adviser will prepare for the call based on the information provided by you

E-Volve is designed for clients who are looking to start or an in the process of starting a new venture and  need advice on how to structure the business.

The purpose of E-Volve is a tactical review of where your business is at the moment and what specific steps you should undertake to move it forward.

Our advisor will give you important feedback on the viability of your venture and will point issues that become clear to him while talking to you.