VAT Registration & Tax Representative

If you are operating a UK company in the UK, or if you are importing non-UK company goods and/or services in to the UK you must register your company for VAT once the prescribed annual turnover is exceeded. Also, if you don't have any employees in the UK, then you will also need a fiscal or tax representative. 


Annual Fee: £850 plus £500 one-off


Legal Requirements

Registering your company for VAT is a legal requirement under these main circumstances:

  1. UK companies with an annual turnover of £81,000 or more.
  2. As a non-UK company, importing any of goods and/or services into the UK (yes, any goods!).

If you do not have any local employees, you will also need a tax representative who will represent your company in  all matters relating to VAT and communications with HMRC.

Included services

  • Registration for VAT
  • Provision of a tax representative
  • Communications with HMRC and other UK authorities

What we will need from you

For a successful VAT registration the English tax authority HMRC will require the following documents:

  • Proof of all imports into the UK.
  • In the case of there being no imports into the UK (up to this point), proof of your intention to import will be required. This proof can include: Commercial material in English, contracts with customers and partners, tenancy contracts for a production facility or offices etc.
  • If you already have a company in a foreign country you will be required to produce a foreign tax registration and a foreign VAT registration.

Additionally there may be other documents required by HMRC during the registration process. We will forward all requests to you and ask that you submit the required information back to us as soon as possible.

Processing time

As previously mentioned, VAT registration can be a protracted and complex process. You may have to allow anywhere between 1 and 6 months depending on your circumstances and the speed with which HMRC and other UK Government departments operate. However, in our experience, companies who are already operating comprehensive business activities usually receive their VAT numbers more speedily. So the more business activity you can demonstrate, the quicker it is likely to be.


The annual fee of £850 plus an additional one time cost of £500. The fees are payable in advance.