UK Company Setup and Domicilation

From £2,300 per year

For an easy business start-up solution with relatively low capital requirements, you could benefit hugely from setting up a Limited Company within the UK. Along with the potential tax savings you could receive, St Matthew’s can provide most if not all of the services that you will need to set up a UK Ltd Company. 
  • Little outlay at the beginning, helping you save for other costs that come along later in the process
  • Access to efficient tax incentives, a must for any enterprise.
  • A package that includes a UK company director, use of our own offices and accounting services.

From £4,800 per year

Ever wished you could have a UK Limited Company without having to disclose your private details for the World to view? Then we can provide this service for you. St Matthew can provide fiduciary services to you the client. We can install a UK based nominee director and nominee shareholder. Your privacy is protected at all times.
  • The same great services as our regular Limited Company solution
  • A UK resident director plus
  • Nominee shareholder
  • All contractual paperwork to make sure you are in control

From £5,400

VAT registration in the UK can require up to 6 months.  If you cannot that long, we may have a solution:  An existing company with VAT number means you can start immediately.
  • Existing company with VAT number
  • You can immediately invoice EU customers
  • Nominee-services are an option with this package
  • Perfect in combination with our Head Office London Package

From £5,500 per year

For everyone looking for UK Company solutions. With our head office London package, we also offer optional UK based directors and nominee-shareholders.
  • With the Limited Company paying taxes in the UK
  • Nominee-directors and nominee-shareholders (optional)
  • Includes a London Office address, English account, credit card, financial statements, bookkeeping, UK VAT


We can close down your UK company in 3 months. Dormant status or full closure. Dormant status may take longer.
  • Create company transactions
  • Draft final accounts
  • All submissions to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • All submissions to Companies House

£1,500 plus third party costs

The restoration of any Limited Company can be both legally complex and a highly time-consuming process. If your Limited Company has been through a cancellation process for a variety of reasons then we may be able to help you with Restoration. 
  • Management of Administration - We will also create, send and respond to all documentation, as well as manage all correspondence.
  • Speed of our Work -Quick processing time to get your Company fully restored.