UK Ltd Company with Privacy Protection

Some clients prefer to set up and run a UK limited company without their names and other personal details appearing on public records (like Companies House).

For those clients, St Matthew can provide fiduciary services. We can install a UK based nominee director and nominee shareholder.

This ensures that your privacy is protected at all times.

Annual fee £4,100 plus £500 one time expenses 


The Complete Solution to Protect Your Privacy

St Matthew is authorised by the UK authorities to offer fiduciary services. In the UK this is far more common than in other countries and does not normally raise any concerns at all. There are no automatic information exchanges and we are not obliged to disclose fiduciary arrangements to anyone. An exception to this would be to assist with investigations should any illegal activity - such as money-laundering - be detected. This would trigger an investigation where we would of course be obliged to disclose all details pertaining to that particular fiduciary relationship.

On this page we explore the possibilities of a UK Limited company and how it must be structured and operated to benefit from the opportunities described above.

Good Reasons to Protect Your Privacy

There are a number of scenarios where you may consider use of our fiduciary services:

  • Separation or Divorce: You may not want your (former) spouse to know about certain business activities or assets.
  • Non-Competition Clause: You are subject to a contractually agreed no-compete clause and do not want to attract attention through your business activities.
  • Confidentiality: You are a well known player in your niche market and may not want your competitors to know about your latest venture/current activities.

Tax Aspects

Fiduciary services are tax neutral. The service itself is not suitable to avoid taxation in either the UK or your home country. We would forward any dividends paid by your company on to you and you will be responsible for any tax treatment thereafter (in your home country).

As mentioned before there are no automatic information exchanges or any obligation for us to disclose fiduciary arrangements. The tax authorities in your home country will rely on you to disclose any dividends received in the UK.

To better understand general tax issues when operating a foreign company please check the extended information provided on our UK Limited Company page

Declaration of Trust - Putting Fiduciary Arrangements in Writing

For all fiduciary relationships we provide a contract in writing ensuring that the real ownership of your company is always well documented. Click on the link below to view our standard declaration of trust.

Stock Transfer Form - Putting You in Control

We will provide you with a blank but signed stock transfer form. Thus should you decide you no longer wish to use our fiduciary services you can transfer ownership of your company to anyone you wish.

The UK Limited Company Package from St Matthew

Our accountancy firm is specifically authorised and licenced by the UK authorities to offer nominee and trust services. We have been offering this service for a number of years and we have many clients who operate successfully with a UK Limited Company.

Our package is the most comprehensive package on the market today and contains all services that you will need to set up and run your company in the UK. It includes the following services:

UK Company Formation

We will set up your UK Limited company with Companies House. This usually takes just 48 hours. If you have a UK Ltd company already you may move it to us. We do not charge for the incorporation hence the fee would be the same.


Local Director

A UK resident consultant from our firm will become nominee director of your company as outlined above.


Nominee Shareholder

A nominee shareholder will be provided who holds the shares of your company in trust. Your name won't appear on public record and you won't be associated with the company.


Registered Office

Every UK company needs a registered office where official mail from the taxman can be delivered. We will domicile your company at our office address in Central London.


Telephone & Fax Number

You get your own phone and fax number. Faxes will be forwarded to you by email, the phone will be answered in your company's name by our staff. We will send you and email with the message that the caller left.


Door Sign with Your Company Name

There will be a metal sign with your company name in our reception.


Use of Our Offices

You may use our offices and meeting rooms while you are in London (after prior arrangements, limited fair use policy applies)


Correspondence Address & Mail Forwarding by Email

You can use our office address as correspondence address for your business mail and on your business stationary such as business cards. We will forward any mail that we receive by email. If we receive packages or original contracts etc we will forward them by post or by courier.


Corporate Bank Account

Your company will get a corporate bank account with credit cards from a major UK bank. Please note that you  will need to come to London for this. You account will be opened the same day. In exceptional cases we can open accounts by post but you need to visit a branch of our bank in your country to introduce yourself. A minimum deposit of £1,000 is required.


VAT Registration

We will register your company for VAT if required. We can also act as your VAT agent (for an additional fee). See the important disclaimer below.


Annual Returns

Once a year every company needs to update their details with Companies House (363 Return). We will submit the 363 return on time for you.


Deadline Maintenance

In the course of the tax year there are a number of important deadlines and dates to keep in mind for your company. They have to be strictly followed as the UK authorities will raise penalties immediately. We will keep an eye on these dates and will make sure everything is filed on time.


Communication with the UK Authorities

We deal with the tax authorities and Companies House on your behalf. We will solve any issues directly with them as far as we can. If required we will contact you first to agree the best way forward before we speak to them.


Unlimited Support

Our multi-lingual team of accountants and business advisors are happy to assist you with all upcoming questions and issues in relation to your company. You may call or email us and we will help you in a fast and efficient manner. You may also come to visit us in our offices in London to discuss issues face to face if you prefer. Just arrange an appointment and we will be happy to meet with you.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

The following services will be charged separately on a time and material basis at a reasonable and affordable hourly rate agreed in advance (request a quote for details). We encourage all our clients to prepare as much of their bookkeeping as possible on their own (for example by using spreadsheets). However we are happy to take on this type of work and provide a full service should you wish for us to do so.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

When you sign up for our service we will provide you with your dedicated accounts website and inbox email address. Just email all your relevant paperwork to this address (receipts, invoices etc) and our accounts team will do the bookkeeping. You can see all documents online using your accounts website.


Tax Returns & Year End Accounts

We will prepare the statutory accounts for your company plus the corporate tax return.

Fees & Payment Terms

The annual fees for this service start at £4,800 plus VAT. Please note that the final fees depend on your specific requirements. You should therefore request a quote first so we can assess your needs. All fees are payable one year in advance.

Fees for accounting and bookkeeping services will be charged on a time and material basis as required. You will be invoiced monthly or quarterly for these services, depending on the work undertaken.

To Keep in Mind for VAT Registration

We do recognise that most of our clients need a VAT registration (tax ID). VAT registration can be a protracted and complex process. You may have to allow anywhere between 1 up to 6 months depending on your circumstances and the speed with which HMRC and other UK Government departments operate. Please keep this in mind before signing up to our services. If you need a VAT number urgently you may consider buying a 'readymade' company from us that is already VAT registered. Please check this page for details.


Please check this page for details on our process of setting up your company.

Is this Service Right for You?

We recommend this package for entrepreneurs who are looking to discreetly set up and operate an actively trading business in the UK. If you are looking for another type of company (holding company, dormant company, company to hold an asset) please contact us as we may be able to provide a better solution.

This package is ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking to generate at least £200,000 annual sales with their UK Limited company. If your expected annual sales are less you may find this service too expensive or simply overkill. We regret that we will be unlikely to be able to help you in that instance.

If you are planning to set up your own operations in the UK (take out a lease, employ staff) most of the issues raised here should be of no concern to you. Your own operations will always constitute a place of business in the UK. We would still be happy to quote you though as you will find that most of the services described here are still required by your UK business.

Next Step

If you are interested in setting up a UK Limited company please contact us to request a quote