UK Payroll for Non-UK Companies

When a non-UK corporation decides to employ a UK based member of staff (often without setting up a branch or a subsidiary in the UK), the payroll registration and ongoing compliance can be a daunting task. The payroll service provided by St Matthew ensures that international clients are on top of their UK payroll, enabling them to pay the right salary with the right deductions on time.

Monthly Fee: from £120 plus one off costs


Legal Requirements

Normally, employing someone results in an array of obligations and requirements that you are expected to meet as an employer. In the UK they include:

  • When you employ someone in the UK your UK subsidiary/branch or your Non-UK business need to be registered as an employer with HMRC.
  • You are required to calculate and deduct the correct income tax and National Insurance contributions when you pay your employees.
  • You need to issue proper pay slips/pay stubs indicating the deductions you have made.
  • You then need to pay these deductions together with the Employer National Insurance Contributions to HMRC on a monthly basis.
  • You need to file employer payroll tax returns on a regular basis and are required to file expenses and benefit statements for certain employees that detail the benefits in kind that employee has received. Whenever someone joins or leaves your business, there are additional forms and returns to prepare.

Using our payroll service you will be able to outsource these tasks to an experienced payroll provider dealing with international clients on an ongoing basis.

What We Need From You to Get Started

  • Details of the entity that should be registered as an employer. Ask us if you are unsure.
  • Details of any employee that you want to add to the payroll, including their salary information

Included Services

  • Employer registration- We are able to register both UK and non UK employers with HMRC.
  • Ongoing payroll - We run your payroll on a monthly basis. We issue you with pay slips for all employees and report indicating to you how much you need to pay to HMRC. Bonuses, expenses, benefits and other items can all be processed as part of the payroll, should you so desire.
  • Preparation and filing of employer returns -  Preparation and filing of expenses and benefit declarations All paperwork when employees are added or removed from the payroll, including any government forms.
  • Ongoing support - Any help and support you may need. For example you can discuss the complex expense and benefit in kind regulations well in time before the returns are due.
  • Communication with the authorities - We deal with the UK authorities on your behalf.


Set Up and Monthly Fees

  • Set up fee for up to 10 employees: £350
  • Monthly base fee for up to 10 employees: £100
  • Monthly admin fee per employee: £20

Employer Annual Return

  • Base fee for up to 10 employees: £200
  • Fee per employee: £50

All fees are payable one year in advance. Minimum contract period is one year.