VAT Return Completion

Like all European countries, every company in the UK that charges VAT is required to complete a VAT return. As an operator of a limited company in the UK, you are responsible for your company’s VAT return.

Fee: £500 per VAT Return


VAT Returns and submissions made easy!

As the operator of a limited company in the UK, you are responsible for your company’s VAT return. Returns are due quarterly (every 3 months). The VAT return and submission can be a very time consuming and complex process.

For existing clients, our VAT return service is included in our fees.However, we also offer this as a separate individual service – allowing company’s to benefit from the outsourcing of their VAT commitments to us.

You can simply send all incoming and outgoing invoices to us in order that we can maintain your VAT records. Please be aware that this service also requires submission of all non-VAT charged invoices to us at St Matthew. As an added benefit, as well as the creation of your VAT return, our service involves the proof reading of all company invoicing, thereby ensuring accuracy.

Don't have any incoming or outgoing invoices? Then your Tax-return is classified as zero-value. If this is the case, it remains your responsibility to send a zero-report to Companies House. You can save yourself time by leaving it to us to submit on your behalf.

EC Sales List: Supplement to VAT Return

In some cases the quarterly VAT calculation not only includes the VAT-Return, but also an EC Sales List. Does your UK VAT-registered company provide a service in another EU-country? If so, you are also required to complete a EC Sales List. Simply put -  Do you provide services for a customer in another EU country and is the place of this service in that other EU country? If so, then an EC Sales List is due.

The EC Sales List is due quarterly - within 14 days in paper form, or within 21 days online. We always carry out your EC Sales Lists together with the VAT-return, in your name. Please ensure that all clients invoices include VAT numbers.

Save yourself the time of exhaustively analysing your VAT-returns and EC Sales Lists. Let us take care of all of your VAT submission requirements. The time you save can be used much more effectively, like acquiring new customers for example.

Order our VAT-return and EC Sales List service, and free yourself of these worries.

Legal requirements

If you are registered for VAT, you have to submit your VAT-return quarterly (every 3 months). Returns are due no later than one month after the ending of the VAT-Quarter. Payment of VAT to HMRC is also due at this time however if you pay via an online transaction, you will have one extra week.

What we will need from you

  • All relevant bookkeeping documents on paper or scanned: account statements, cash receipts (pre-assigned), customer invoices
  • At least 2 previous VAT Returns
  • Online Filing User Name and Password for online-filing (paper filing is also possible if needed)
  • Signed 64-8 form, allowing us to represent you on your behalf when liaising with the relevant UK financial authorities (if necessary)

Services included

  • Bookkeeping and balancing for the relevant VAT quarter
  • Creation of the VAT return
  • Creation of the EC sales list
  • Online Filing of the HMRC Return at HMRC (after receiving the electronic authentication code)

Services included

Please allow for a processing time of up to 30 days. You will be informed of a more exact time frame after communication via your personal accountant.

Please be aware that we begin working for you once we have received your payments and documentation.


The fees for the creation of the VAT return is £500. This is payable in advance.

Our fees are adequate and competitive for most VAT submissions but some cases may have additional complexities. Before processing begins, we will check your documentation in detail and if there are any additional complexities, we may have to revise our plans and make you a personal offer. If you do not agree with our offer, we will refund back any pre paid fees to you.