What's in a Name?

Many people ask us about the name of our company and why it's called St Matthew. Here is the story: When establishing our brand we were looking for something that sounds distinctively London to our international client base (and we did not want to have an artificial name). London is an old city, and even with all its vibe also quite an old-fashioned city. Hence we wanted a nice, old fashioned name. If you have been to London you will notice that there are many businesses that have names, which are preceded with the word "Saint", such as:

  • St John's Restaurant
  • St James Homes Ltd
  • St Giles Insurance & Finance Services

Why is this? Well, there are many street names and places in London named after saints (pointing back at the time before the reformation). Eventually, companies have named themselves after these places, in most cases to indicate proximity to a certain street, landmark or area.

In the end we decided to call the firm St Matthew. We have chosen this saint because he is the patron saint of the accountants and tax collectors. Fits pretty well, doesn't it?